ZDF Enterprises announces a raft of sales for landmark series Great Inventions

ZDF Enterprises announces a raft of sales for landmark series Great Inventions
Great Inventions, one of ZDF Enterprises’ most ambitious factual series, has been sold by the distributor to a number of countries across Europe. With production completed on all 35 episodes, the series will premiere on, SVT (Sweden), TV Kultura (Russia), AMC Chello (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic), Telefonica Audiovisual Digital (Spain), Servus TV (Austria) and ZDF.info (Germany).

Produced for ZDF Enterprises, by Off The Fence, doc station, World Media Rights and k22, Great Inventions (35x50’) celebrates and looks behind the scenes at everyday objects and major innovations we use daily and discovers their sometimes bizarre, mysterious or even accidental origins.

Ralf Rueckauer, Vice-President ZDFE.unscripted at ZDF Enterprises, said “Launched only a few month ago, Great Inventions immediately attracted a huge amount of interest. The series, a salute to mankind’s ingenuity, has a wide appeal because it covers the ordinary, the familiar, then takes you on an entertaining and informative journey into how these things came to be.”

From coffee, computer games and cold beer to crash test dummies and cruise ships, the series explores a vast range of innovations that were once revolutionary but are now taken for granted. Take the fridge, for example, something you use every day but surprisingly it was back in the days of petticoats and breeches, 1784 to be precise, that clever mankind presented the first artificial cooling system. And who would have thought that beer was first brewed around 13,000 years ago? Great Inventions not only reveals the technical evolution of these amazing creations but also its social significance, as well as offering a glimpse into the future.
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