How are main streamers performing in Spain?

How are main streamers performing in Spain?
Disney+ (36.2%) is the platform that is growing the most for the second consecutive quarter, consolidating its third place in the ranking and reaching a new record, according to data from a GECA analysis. Netflix, which equalled its historical maximum registered during the confinement of spring 2020 (75.4%) and Prime Video (70%) continue to lead the ranking by percentage of users with access. Likewise, DAZN (15.5%) reaches 1.5 out of 10 OTT users and is positioned as the sixth platform in Spain.
However, the outlook is not so encouraging, since 24% of OTT users are considering unsubscribing from these services due to the current economic situation, but 50% of those interviewed are not currently considering it.
On the other hand, 55.6% of users would accept advertising on subscription platforms if it were accompanied by a reduction in the monthly fee. To the point that the entry of advertising on payment platforms becomes effective, more than half of subscribers find the option of having this possibility in exchange for a reduction in the rate interesting.
Netflix would keep more than half of its users on current plans with its strategy of creating a cheaper option that includes ads By contrast, Disney+ would only keep 2 out of 10 users on the ad-free subscription due to its proposal to pay a more expensive amount in exchange for avoiding it.
The total impossibility of sharing accounts away from home could affect more than 40% of platform users in Spain. These users would have to decide, when the time comes, whether to subscribe individually for their household, make a payment additional, if that option is offered by the platform, or stop using them.