SKY Presents the New TV SKY GLASS

SKY Presents the New TV SKY GLASS
Today sky presented the new television by SKY, SKY GLASS at a press conference. Andrea Duilio, CEO of SKY, stressed how SKY GLASS is much more than a television. It is, in fact
the first platform to fully integrate content: starting from the national free-to-air channels to the major global players such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Dazn, as well as those offered by SKY.

The whole idea behind SKY GLASS is to make people’s lives easier: indeed, the streaming revolution has given endless choices, but it has also complicated people's lives: apps are not connected, experiences are often fragmented, and people end up spending more time searching for content than enjoying it. SKY GLASS intends to be intuitive, thanks to the vocal control and the simple interface that will include all your favorite programs from the different platforms and channels in a unique space for you to navigate.

The Quantum Dot technology enhances image quality, ensuring precision and sharpness on every pixel. SKY GLASS identifies and optimizes specific areas within individual images to make blacks even blacker and colors even more brilliant. Moreover, SKY GLASS has six powerful built-in speakers that direct audio upward and to the front. In this way, SKY GLASS can deliver Dolby Atmos® audio capable of reaching every room corner and with a subwoofer designed to make the rich, deep bass. All this without having to buy a separate soundbar.

Finally, SKY GLASS is the world's first television certified CarbonNeutral® by Climate Impact
Partners. In this way, SKY GLASS perfectly fits SKY’s project to become net zero carbon by 2030.
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