Jump to Win

Jump to Win
The game-show The Jump, produced by Talpa Studios, premiered successfully Saturday 21st October on the Dutch channel RTL4. 
RTL Hungary has already recorded a daily prime-time version that will air on RTL in 2024: Hungarian Scripted Productions collaborated with the Dutch prodco to produce it.
The peculiarity of the format is that it is set on top of a towering 40-meter-long bridge. Here five contestants compete for a huge cash prize. Their goal is simple: to cross the bridge by answering ten questions correctly. The stakes are high: answer wrongly, and they’ll plunge from the bridge.
The show begins with a quick game to determine the 'Controller’, who has the power to decide who plays. They can either pick themself or choose one of their opponents. Refusing to play is not an option. Each question consists of several fun, thought-provoking statements, but only one of them is true.
Players make their choice by physically jumping on the statement they believe is correct. A correct guess means they advance to the next question. But if they’re wrong, they take a heart-stopping drop out of the game.
As the game progresses, the number of answer options increases, ramping up the challenge. Only the contestant who survives the tenth and last jump wins the big cash prize.
Linking the wrong answers of the contestants to a “physical punishment” is always an effective mechanism (if well-calibrated, as in this case): Boom!, Still Standing, Wrecking Ball; 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow are just a few examples of this typology.

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