Content America Launches The AI Academy

Content America Launches The AI Academy
Content Americas will host a half-day AI Academy course titled An Introduction To AI For The Content Business, in Spanish and English.

The half-day course takes place on Thursday January 25, 2024, at the Hilton Miami Downtown as part of the conference agenda and is available free of charge to Content Americas delegates.

It is designed to help creatives and executives working in the international content business understand the power of the new technology and the opportunities and threats it presents.

From writers and creators, producers, channels, platforms, distributors and financiers to other parts of the value chain, the course provides practical ‘how to’ and best-practice training to help navigate the complex issues in this fast-moving landscape.

The two-and-a-half-hour block will cover:
Brief History of AI in Content Business
Basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Key AI Terminologies Demystified
Content Creation: How AI can help in generating and curating content
Personalization: Tailoring content for users with AI
Content Monetization and Advertising: Using AI to optimize revenue streams
Limitations of AI in Content Creation and Curation
AI Biases: Origin, Impact, and How to Mitigate
Copyright and Originality Concerns
Audience Discussion: Ethical dilemmas in using AI for content
The Evolving Landscape of AI in Content
Upcoming Innovations: What to watch out for
Strategic Planning: Preparing your content business for the AI revolution
Open floor for questions

The AI Academy is designed to provide ongoing training for creatives and executives working in the international content business.