TEDxCortina presented a green and technological vision of the world through 10 super speakers

TEDxCortina presented a green and technological vision of the world through 10 super speakers

TEDxCortina held on Friday, August 25, in Cortina d'Ampezzo, this year was dedicated to the theme "Meraviglia" (tr. Wonder), gatherd more than 400 people at Rifugio Socrepes in the beautiful Italian Alps of the famous Queen of the Dolomites. Ten speakers talked about hot topics such as AI, green industry, diversity and equality, generation z, arts and young audiences, giving an inspirational point of view.

This seventh edition was opened by the exhibition of the singer Aba Chiara (former X Factor 7 finalist) - who gave a brand new performance, titled "Ethereal Reverie: A Symphony of Wonder in the Dolomites," created especially for TEDxCortina.

Gabriele Maria Sada
, CEO of Scuola Zoo (the largest community of students and tour operator for GenZ in Italy), talked about Meraviglia by bringing the point of view of the younger generation, with whom he works closely every day. He also gave a special interview to Formatbiz (see the full video interview on Formatbiz's Instagram page) about TV producers and how capture the gen z through TV programs.

Alessio Terzi, an economist and author of "Growth for Good: Reshaping Capitalism to Save Humanity from Climate Catastrophe" (published by Harvard University Press) who helped formulate the European Green Deal at the European Commission, talked about green economy and green industry and how we should change our lifestyles in order to save the planet.

Marco Quarta
, an Italian scientist from the heart of Silicon Valley, explained how to reverse our cells' biological clock with new therapies and new scientific discoveries in medicine. After completing a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University, he founded two biotech companies, Rubedo Life Sciences and Turn Bio, devoted to transferring and developing the results of his research into new therapies to reverse biological decay and lengthen the quality of life. His speech narrated the Meraviglia of this impressive challenge and its possible scenarios for the future.

Eugenia Romanelli, 
CEO of Rewriters spoke about gender equality and the right to love between people of the same sex, claiming women's rights towards a more egalitarian society where women are not involved in serving and caring but are an integral part of decision-making processes . To see the interview, see the formatbiz instagram page where Romanelli talks about patriarchy and the need to overthrow this toxic system.

Roberto Celestri, a young art influencer, explained how art can help the younger generations, offering a different perspective to improve everyday life, thanks to its enormous success achieved on social networks (he is followed by more than 325K people on Instagram). Celestre has quickly became the reference point on social media for art lovers, teaching young gen to look at it with new eyes.

The Italian-American scientist and entrepreneur Massimiliano Versace, founder and CEO of Neurala Inc, one of the most promising AI startups, which builds Artificial Intelligence that emulates brain function in software, said that artificial intelligence will change our lives but we should not be afraid of it. As professor of Artificial Intelligence at Boston University and founder of the Neuromorphics Lab department at the same university, he has worked with Nasa, the National Science Foundation and has given Formatbiz a video interview about AI (see Formatbiz's Instagram Page).

Other speakers include Silvia Bencivelli, a science journalist, and Moreno Pesce a Paralympic athlete, specializing in mountain sports.