Go Button Media announces three new commissions for Off The Fence & Super Channel

Go Button Media announces three new commissions for Off The Fence & Super Channel
After announcing the renewal of its partnership with Canada’s Super Channel and distributor Off The Fence earlier this year, Go Button Media has now revealed the first three factual series to be greenlit and in production, as part of the current 36-hour, six-series deal.

The three new titles are Engineering Evolved, Cursed History and Revolutions That Changed the World. Each series will have 6x60’ episodes.

Engineering Evolved reveals the hidden stories of the transportation technology that’s set to move the world. Every episode explores one mode of transit at the frontier of design, engineering and tech. With input and insights from historians, engineers and futurists, the series examines how innovations and inventions have developed each type of transport to what it has become today and where it is going to be in the future.

Cursed History is an intriguing series exploring the strange histories and legends of those who lived or died by a curse. From the tomb of Tutankhamun to the Lost City of Frenier, history is riddled with people, places, and objects that spread utterly wicked chaos that brought death, disaster, and destruction upon them. How did these curses come to be? What's the truth behind the unlucky? And can anyone ever hope to contain it? Each episode will feature three harrowing tales of some of history’s most dauting curses.

Revolutions That Changed The World examines the rise and fall of empires, monarchs and military leaders, many of whom learned the hard way that power is far from absolute, always conditional. But what caused the French to turn against their own monarch? What caused each reigning regime to weaken? Who plotted to seize power or inspired others into bloody action? And which parties ultimately prevailed? Once the scales of power tipped, the turbulence created would forever change the world...

Daniel Oron, co-founder and Executive Producer at Go Button Media, comments: “Following our creative development process and close collaboration with our partners at Super Channel and Off The Fence to assess their requirements for Canadian and international audiences, we are thrilled to now have our first three greenlights in history and engineering - two particular sweet spots for our business.”

Loren Baxter, Head of Acquisitions at Off The Fence, says: “The beauty of working in this way with Go Button Media and Super Channel is the flexibility we have on the concepts, which are being fed by the most up to date feedback from our sellers as to what buyers are looking for. We’re bringing to the market three shows that we know will receive (and already are) a lot of interest from our clients.”

Jackie Pardy, Chief Content Officer at Super Channel, adds: “Once again, Daniel and the team at Go Button Media have succeeded in creating exciting new twists on established areas of interest, ones that frequently rate well for us. With deliveries that start this autumn and move into early 2024, we are looking forward to bringing these wonderful new engineering and history titles to Super Channel viewers over the coming months.”