DMAX launches Monte Rosa: La Miniera Perduta, to premiere on June 21

DMAX launches Monte Rosa: La Miniera Perduta, to premiere on June 21
DMAX is about to launch the first Italian docu-series called Monte Rosa: La Miniera Perduta, about an exciting adventure in the world of gold mine prospectors, premiering on Wednesday, June 21 at 9:25 p.m.

The 5x60’ program, produced by Formasette for Warner Bros. Discovery, recounts the exciting search for a legendary gold seam among the slopes of Monte Rosa - a struggle for survival carried out with perseverance and skill by 5 fearless experts, fueled by the dream of an extraordinary treasure.

Franco the historian, geologist Giorgio, mountaineer and caver Paola, speleologist Matteo, and survival expert Gabriele, were hired by a millionaire philanthropist to find out if a priceless treasure might still be sleeping in the belly of Monte Rosa.

As early as Neolithic times, a Celtic population dedicated to prospecting and mining for gold had settled in the hills on the border between Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta, accumulating great wealth in a short time. Later, they were attacked repeatedly by the Roman Empire in the hope of gaining control of the extraction of the precious metal. Forced to take shelter on Monte Rosa, they lived for a long time continuing in increasingly sophisticated mining activities. Over the centuries, the area was exploited by both private individuals and large mining companies. Today, casual finding of small gold nuggets suggest that the legendary Salassi treasure is still there, waiting to be found.

DMAX goes deep into the heart of Monte Rosa, among the wild mountains of Val Antrona and Val Anzasca, to follow the five adventurers on the trail of the Salassi path, with the goal of unearthing the most important gold vein ever seen in Italy!