Italian thriller drama series Inganno in production at Netflix

Italian thriller drama series Inganno in production at Netflix

The new Netflix Italy’s thriller drama Inganno (tr: Deceit) has started filming in the Amalfi Coast. The series, which will not be available on the streaming platform until 2024, is being produced by Cattleya - part of ITV Studios, with Pappi Corsicato directing, and starring Monica Guerritore and Giacomo Gianniotti.

Written by Teresa Ciabatti, Eleonora Cimpanelli, Flaminia Gressi, and Michela Straniero, Inganno is a sentimental thriller series that plays between suspense, taboo-breaking and the uncomfortable truths about love. This is the story of a passionate relationship, with its shadows and secrets, that challenges social conventions and family balances, subverting the role of motherhood in Mediterranean culture.

Gabriella (played by Monica Guerritore) is the owner of a prestigious hotel in the Amalfi Coast. She is a classy woman, proud of her sixty years of age and very much aware of her power. Her three children are now adults, and life does not seem to have much more to offer – until she meets Elia (portrayed by Giacomo Gianniotti): a charming, lively, free-spirited young man the same age as her older son, who exerts an irresistible, but also ambiguous and frightening charm on her. Despite the age gap, Gabriella rediscovers herself as a woman and a lover… and she is ready to sacrifice everything for Elia, even the relationship with her children and their inheritance.

Inganno is based on the British series Gold Digger, created and written by Marnie Dickens and produced by Mainstreet Pictures, and the format is distributed by ITV Studios.

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