1001 Nights - first hit format from Global Agency - goes to India

Global Agency drama series 1001 Nights one of  the best Turkish series which actually started the whole Turkish series mania across the world, has been launched with huge success as an Indian adaptation under the name Katha Ankahee, after the adaptation rights were licensed by Sony Entertainment Television. The show is number one fiction show in Sony India.
 After the good start, the drama continues achieving good ratings and good engagement on social media.
Adnan Khan (Viaan) and Aditi Sharma (Katha) share the leading roles in the series. Sheen Dass and Ajinkya Mishra are also in the cast. After its launch it created huge buzz on social media.
One of the most successful dramas of Global Agency, 1001 Nights was produced by TMC Film and aired weekly primetime for three seasons on Turkey's Kanal D between 2006 and 2009.
The series tells the story of a woman who needs money for her son’s treatment for leukemia and her boss, who offers to pay her if she spends the night with him. When this relationship turns into love, they face a struggle to banish the secret of that night Izzet PINTO, Founder & CEO of Global Agency, said: “We are extremely happy with these good results. 1001 Nights has been one of our best-selling drama series abroad over the years. We were sure it would be very successful.”
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