BBC presents its lineup for the upcoming Showcase (London 27-27 February 2023)

BBC presents its lineup for the upcoming Showcase (London 27-27 February 2023)
BBC presents its lineup for the upcoming Showcase next week in London.

The long-running quiz show Mastermind is among the formats available to international customers at BBC Studios Showcase taking place in London from 27-28 February 2023, but the list of unscripted titles on the slate for Showcase include:

Breaking Point
A visually stunning and highly entertaining gameshow that sees two teams of celebrity duos attempt to predict the exact moment when something will explode, burst, crash or smash! The format is designed to test intuition and judgement across a series of compelling, ridiculous and unique games that all end with the show-defining Breaking Point. But if contestants overplay their hand and miss it, they lose the entire game. With surprising pay-offs, super slo-motion reveals and plenty of play-along for the entire family – could you predict the unpredictable and find the ultimate Breaking Point?
A BBC Studios production for RTL

Ultimate Wedding Planner
Eight fledgling wedding planners battle it out to prove they have the talent, creativity, and vision to deliver real life couples the best day of their lives. But with a career-elevating prize at stake and only three days and a modest budget for each spectacular ceremony, the pressure is on. Split into two teams, the planners must work together to curate a unique and bespoke celebration whilst under the intense scrutiny of the judges. Each episode brings a new challenge with a different real life wedding to deliver from novelty to classic. But who will be crowned the Ultimate Wedding Planner?
BBC Studios Productions for BBC

Hack Attack
Short form gameshow that sees celebrities put their phones - and their private lives - on the line.
In each episode two brave celebrities enter a hacker lair and hand over their phones. The mischievous hacker then challenges them to a pop culture quiz like no other. At stake is the contents of their phone. The quiz starts with their phone 100% defended, but with each wrong answer their defence rate is lowered, and the hacker will gain access to their phone and reveal everything. Embarrassing pictures, funny videos, secret shopping habits and shocking search histories...nothing is safe on Hack Attack.
A BBC Studios Entertainment and Music production for BBC Studios Digital Consumer Engagement.
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