Marco Mengoni won the 73rd edition of Sanremo Festival

Marco Mengoni won the 73rd edition of Sanremo Festival
The long week of Sanremo Festival finally ended in the early morning of Sunday, February 12 as Marco Mengoni was awarded winner of the 73rd edition of the most talked TV event in Italy.
Sanremo festival is an institution: the Italians sit in droves in front of the TV sets during the multi-day spectacle and all the news are focused about the event. This year Sanremo was more political than ever before. President Selenskyj also played a role in this as was supposed to appear in a video message, after an intense political debate on the Italian press, the host Amadeus was the one to read a letter on the final day on Saturday, late night.

Marco Mengoni won with the song “Due Vite” – a typical pop ballad – and he will represent Italy at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

The singer had been the favorite to win for days and he was already known for another talent show XFactor on Sky Italy.

Amadeus and Gianni Morandi conquered the best result in terms of audience and share with an average of 60% but the numbers of viewers are decreasing as there are many digital and different platforms that are affecting the Italian metric measurement. After midnight the market share was higher at 70% and the super final reached 12.2mln viewers.

This year, the festival came up with many political messages, starting with influencer Chiara Ferragni, who spoke in favor of women's rights, voleyball Paola Egonu taked about racism and actress Chiara Francini about maternity. The presence of Italian President Sergio Mattarella as the super guest on the opening night during the performance of Oscar Winner Roberto Benigni with his monologue for the constituion was one of the most emotional moment of the festival with peaks of 14mln viewers. 

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