Sex Tape to be adapted in the U.S.

Sex Tape to be adapted in the U.S.
The Successful Sexologist Alessandra Rampolla, 360 Powwow and Armoza Formats, part of ITV Studios, closed an agreement for the adaptation of Sex Tape in the U.S. Hispanic and Latin America, following previously adaptation in the UK, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland and Germany.

Sex Tape is a provocative social experiment you can't miss. Every week 3 couples will try to fix their relationships with a new dramatic and spicy therapy - because if there is a problem in bed, there is a problem in the relationship! They will film their love life for a whole week - the problems, the intimacy, and the sex. Under the guidance of celebrated sex therapist Alessandra Rampolla, and together with the two other couples, they will reveal their uncensored tapes to each other. Having laid it all out, you will see their raw and unfiltered reactions, from laughter to conflict to tears.

Sex Tape was a finalist at Armoza Formats’ annual Formagination competition in 2016, pitched by sexologist Dr. Shelly Varod.

Alessandra Rampolla has spent three seasons in her role as an expert on Married at First Sight, the most watched reality show on Australian TV.

A Certified Clinical Sexologist, Marriage and Family Therapist and a Hispanic television celebrity, Alessandra has starred in some of the most successful reality shows in Latin America, such as the international Emmy nominated Escuela para Maridos, and others such as Sex Hospital in the UK. “I think that where there is a couple, there is a problem and many secrets to discover. Sexual expression and compatibility are vital to building, nurturing, and maintaining healthy, romantic relationships. In Sex Tape I want to take couples to another emotional and sexual level,” said Alessandra.