First production deal for Talpa’s TV event The Big Balance

First production deal for Talpa’s TV event The Big Balance
John de Mol’s Talpa has sold the highlining spectacle The Big Balance to Lithuanian commercial broadcaster LNK. In this three-episode TV event, we see how six celebrities will conquer their fears by learning to walk and balance over a meters-long, few centimeter-wide highline that's stretched above the most spectacular locations. The Big Balance will be produced by ELITAZ Group, Talpa’s partner in the region. The show will be launched on LNK in 2023. The release date is yet to be determined.

The Lithuanian commission comes after recent production deal announcements for the adventure game show Hunting Season and the music entertainment show Dream Duets. Gediminas Jaunius, founder of creative house ELITAZ: "We are excited to start working on one of the most thrilling TV formats and strongly believe The Big Balance will bring lots of emotion not only to the celebrities who would be participating in this challenging reality show but also to the TV audience and even crew."

Jurgis Jefremovas, LNK Program Director: “These days one of the main strengths and missions of free-to-air broadcasters is an ability to amuse and surprise the audiences on the grandest scale which is still hardly conceivable for other medias. Therefore, The Big Balance is a perfect „Next Big Thing“ for LNK channels group aspiring to be the leader of the most daring TV innovations in our territory. This fascinating format has all the necessary traits of good free television: live action and drama unfolding here and now in front of a vast live audience, phenomenal human transformation with unpredictable and surprising outcome, and huge potential for the talk-of-town effect comparable only to the finals of the most important sports events. The perfect balance, or The Big Balance, of top ingredients, indeed. I am eager to see what LNK, Elitaz and Talpa will cook up this time!”

About The Big Balance

Highlining is a high-performance sport that is gaining worldwide popularity. It requires balance, boldness, and a lot of guts. On this show six celebrities will take on the challenge of a lifetime, both physically and mentally. They all want to conquer a fear or simply prove their physical courage. They will undergo months of heavy training by the best highlining professionals in the business. Of course, the reality during the training sessions is part of the show, as it becomes obvious that highlining is even more difficult than it already seems, even for the biggest daredevil. Over multiple episodes we’ll see how the celebrities progress. From seemingly simple tasks to the most outrageous challenges. Each time the line goes higher and the distance becomes longer, culminating in the final episode where they must give their all. Who is best able to control their fear, keep their balance and walk to the other side as the winner? Who will have The Big Balance?

The Big Balance is a format by Talpa Concepts and SPEKTR, produced by Talpa Entertainment Productions and distributed by Talpa Distribution.
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