Adventure in the Alps of New Zealand

Adventure in the Alps of New Zealand
High mountains have always been a perfect set for extreme realities. Among the European formats where mountains push the participants to their physical and mental limits we can remember the French Premier de Cordée, the Spanish Desafío extremo, the Italian Monte Bianco - Sfida Verticale and many others.
Now the continent has changed and the challenge has shifted to the rugged Alps of New Zealand, with the new format The Summit, commissioned by 9Network and produced by Endemol Shine Australia.
A group of strangers will embark on a harsh quest with their backpacks containing an equal share of 1 million dollars. The group must reach the peak of a distant mountain in just 14 days to win the cash they’re carrying. Along the journey they’ll need to work as a team as they face dangerous places, wild conditions and overcome challenges that block their path to the mountain.
Also the moral will be tested: what happens when members of the group fall behind, will the rest of the trekkers slow down and risk not reaching it up the mountain in time? Or will they cut them loose and press ahead to cash in?
An intriguing concept in the middle of a breathtaking scenery.

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