Format's trend before Holidays - a report from Friday's Espresso

Format's trend before Holidays - a report from Friday's Espresso
In this last issue before a brief vacation, some general considerations regarding the three topics of the blog during this last season.
All things considered, we can say there was a good (or, at least, not too bad) balance between new formats - launched especially in spring and summer - and the old classical ones, present all year around. But, regarding originality, things are not so positive. Apart from formats that are kind of copycats (like dating shows with participants who meet in real life, after flirting on socials), there are too many shows that look all the same, without a real, noisy twist.
As format expert and columnist Siobhan Crawford pointed out: “We keep talking about low-risk commissioning, it is always on trend. Never before has audience retention been as important as now. Low risk commissioning means a high rate of recommissioning in schedules, it means only the big brands exist in primetime schedules – which in turn means the big groups that control the IP have a dominant position in the market. This leads to very little new IP getting the air time it deserves and the smaller distributors and content creators having limited scope for meaningful growth” (see the whole article:
The point is that smaller distributors and content creators are the “worker bees” of creativity: if they don’t have enough space in the broadcasters’ schedules, the risk is the homologation of the unscripted landscape. Many formats - and, among them, many “new” ones - but too similar to one another.

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