Marco Berry to host This Strange World for DMAX

Marco Berry to host This Strange World for DMAX
Marco Berry is the host of This Strange World based on the show Strange Evidence, produced by Warner Bros. Discovery for DMAX that will premiere on Tuesday, June 21, at 21.00

The popular illusionist  travels to discover some of the most bizarre and curious phenomena in the world.
Berry, who has achieved a long career between TV, theater and magic, a curious spirit and tireless investigator of reality in all its forms, will lead the viewer through the investigation of a series of apparently inexplicable events that can be traced back to a scientific explanation.

The show (10x60') presents incredible stories from meteorological phenomena in the American Midwest or Mayan sites, animals never seen before in Alaska, sightings of unidentified flying objects in the skies of California, close encounters in the depths of the ocean, curious beams of light that rip the sky in Argentina, inexplicable noises in a small town in Canada and much more.

Casta Diva