Released the first photos of supernatural crime series Christian

Released the first photos of supernatural crime series Christian
Sky Original and Lucky Red are filming the second season of sci-fi  crime drama Christian.
The six-part series is distributed by Newen Connect, the sales arm of Newen (TF1 Group)  The series entered production in November and is shooting in Rome.

Directed by Stefano Lodovichi ("The Hunter") and Roberto “Saku” Cinardi and starring Edoardo Pesce ("Dogman") and Claudio Santamaria ("Romanzo Criminale", "Casino Royal", "Freaks Out"), the six-part series follows Christian, a henchman for a local crime boss in Rome’s outskirts who suddenly starts exhibiting stigmata and begins working miracles.

Fist season:
In one of Rome’s forsaken suburbs Christian earns his living doing the only thing he is good at: beating people. He works for the local boss, Lino, a sort of older foster brother as they grew up with the same woman, Italia. One day, Christian's hands start to ache and bleed: they are stigmata. The stigmata are a problem, because they prevent him from doing his job. He then miraculously saves the local junkie Rachele (Silvia D'Amico) from an overdose and she clings to him telling him to change his life, since, apparently, he is able to heal people.

Christian's powers attract Matteo’s attention, a Vatican postulator who is obsessed with finding someone whose thaumaturgical powers are real. But, above all, Christian's great power attracts Lino's attention: not only because Christian can no longer do his job, but because Christian is saving people, and this could undermine the foundations of his reign.
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