Turkish distributor ATV is attending Discop Dupai with a slate of series

Turkish distributor ATV is attending Discop Dupai with a slate of series
ATV Distribution showcases a portfolio offering more than 40,000 hours of television programming at the upcoming market in Discop (Dubai - May 17-19, 2022).

These are the titles presented by the sales manager Muge Akar and Gozde Dinc Ozcan:

Drama Your Honor portrays judge Ömer Arif Derman in his attempt to protect his son, who gets involved in an accident that kills someone. The war he enters results in sacrifice, not only for himself but loved ones, too.

In Hidden Wings, high school teacher Elif Türkkan struggles so that her students might find a brighter future. She takes Zeynep under her wing, and in doing so enters a war with the wealthy Baykara family.

Lone Wolf follows Altay, who earns his living by fighting in cages, as he helps Esra reunite with her daughter. As soon as Altay takes a step to help Esra, he embarks on a new journey into his own past.

Drama Destan finds Akkız and Batuga crossing paths with two lies that could cost them their lives. Batuga, the hidden Khan of the Turks, will write an epic legend with Akkız, by proving what they can do together.

In For My Family, Kadir and his three younger siblings face the sudden death of their parents. Akif, who is responsible for that unfortunate event, finds a job for Kadir and lets his siblings into a private school.
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