All3 series Blinded travels to five continents

All3 series Blinded travels to five continents
All3Media International has signed a host of new deals for FLX’s acclaimed Swedish thriller Blinded/Fartblinda, which has now travelled across five continents including Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. The second series has recently wrapped production and is set to premiere on Swedish broadcasters CMore and TV4 today.

The latest round of sales in Europe includes a deal with Disney+ where the thriller will play in Portugal.
These deals follow previously announced European sales in Germany, which has taken three windows for the FLX series including PROSIEBENSAT.1 MEDIA SE, public broadcaster Westdeutscher Rundfunk and streaming service Magenta TV. NPO (Netherlands), TV Nova (Czech Republic), Sýn hf (Iceland) and Communidad Filmin (Spain) have also taken the acclaimed financial thriller.
Broadcast partners across the rest of the world include Sundance in North America, Now TV in Hong Kong and SBS in Australia.
Julia Ragnarsson and Matias Varela return in this compelling new series, as financial journalist Bea Farkas and bank director Peder Rooth whose affair resulted in disastrous consequences across both their professional and personal lives, when Bea discovers a secret about the Peder’s Stockholm bank. Season 2 follows Bea as she travels to Malta to investigate a new credit institution, Easy, only to find Peder, the man she still loves, also there. However, when she uncovers links between a dubious gambling company, the credit institution Easy and Peder, their love story descends into open warfare.
Meanwhile, Bea’s friend and former colleague, Thulin, who now works for Easy, is feeling guilty about the deception that he and the company are involved in. Just as he is about to blow the whistle, he is kidnapped. Bea suspects that his disappearance has something to do with the shady dealings she’s been investigating. Peder begins to suspect the same. Suddenly they both find themselves with everything on the line: their careers, their relationship and Thulin’s life.
Season two is based on Carolina Neuraths’ Gränslösa, a follow-up novel to Fartblinda.
In addition to Julia Ragnarsson and Matias Varela, confirmed cast for the show includes Julia Dufvenius Albin Grenholm, Johan H:son Kjellgren, Lisette Pagler and Christian Wennberg.
Maartje Horchner, EVP Content at All3Media International commented, “It is fantastic to see so many broadcasters continuing their commitment to Blinded/Fartblinda as we await the anticipated second season. With a fresh round of deals and new series soon to premiere, it is clear there is a strong demand for this clever and captivating thriller across the global market. The latest season offers a masterclass in compelling, intelligent storytelling, and combined with stellar performances, stunning production value and a taut, timely script, we look forward to continuing to bring the brilliant adaptation of Carolina Neurath’s novels to viewers around the globe.”
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