Sisters - A Dream's Life to premiere on Discovery +

Sisters - A Dream's Life to premiere on Discovery +
Discovery + presents a one off titled Sisters - A Dream's Life (1x60') dedicate to the twins Daniel and Domenico, In day time they are two nurses at the hospitla of  Santeramo in Colle, in Puglia, but by night they turn into unleash drag queens, when they become the Pompadur Sisters!

The special episode will be aired on Sunday, January 9th only on discovery +.

They have a double life, full of passion and contradictions, at the center of a dense network of family, work and artistic relationships, characterized by the warmth of the South, by taboos that are difficult to dispel and by the dreams of a future strewn with glitter.

But now the Pompadur Sisters have a mission: to convince their beloved mother to attend one of their shows and to accept their eccentric creativity.

A story that winks at fun but carries with it a strong message of inclusion, deep love and acceptance of diversity.
The special is produced by Darallouche for Discovery Italia.
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