Pernel Media to Produce Lost City of Ramses the Great for France Télévisions Group

Pernel Media to Produce Lost City of Ramses the Great for France Télévisions Group
 Pernel Media today announces a commission by France Télévisions Group to produce a 1 x 90’ film documenting the excavation of a remarkable lost city founded by Ramses, one of ancient Egypt’s most famous pharaohs.

With exclusive access to a new expedition led by German archaeologist Henning Franzmeier to excavate the site of Pi-Ramesses Lost City of Ramses the Great, the film will follow the unprecedented mission as it unfolds and unlock the true story of Ramses II and his lost city.

Henning and his team will use their existing scan images of the site to track down key features of the lost city. They have revealed ruins stretching an astonishing seven square miles – larger than any other Egyptian city of its time.

At the heart of this ancient capital, they have detected a mysterious monument. It’s gigantic, stretching twice the size of a soccer field. Could this be the legendary palace of Ramses?

At the Pi-Ramesses site itself the film will follow the excavation team as they analyse scanning readings, excavate the palace grounds, digitally reconstruct the town and its main features, investigate the cemetery and analyze new and old discoveries.

‘Lost City of Ramses the Great’ will use the team’s findings and scans to create detailed 3D CGI reconstructions of the lost palace and buildings – bringing the city back to life in astonishing detail, after more than three millennia and tell the story of key events in the life of Ramses the Great.

The 2-hour special is directed by Laurent Portes (In the Footsteps Of Attila The Hun). The Executive Producer is Fabrice Frank for Pernel Media and it was commissioned by Amandine Picault for France Télévisions Group.

"After the global success of our archeology specials “Attila The Hun” and “Trojan War” we are very excited to triple down on our expertise in archeological expeditions with exclusive access” said Samuel Kissous, President of Pernel Media.

One of France’s leading factual producers, Pernel Media is behind major series including the returning ‘The Real War of Thrones: A History of Europe’ for France 5/ Sky History, epic television special ‘In the Footsteps of Attila the Hun’, commissioned by France 5 and acquired by Science Channel in the US, ‘Ancient Superstructures’ for RMC Découverte/ ZDFE and ‘Secrets of the Pyramid Builders’, a co production between Canal + channels and Smithsonian Channel.