Ilary Blasi to present Star in the Star on Canale 5

Ilary Blasi to present Star in the Star on Canale 5
Canale 5 will broadcast the italian version of The Star in The Star on Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 21.40.

The format is a shiny floor music entertainment show that offers talented celebrities the unique chance to really become music legends.

The celebrities are transformed by state-of-the-art special effects, make-up and trained to sing and perform just like these famous idols. The whole show is a huge tribute to these artists, celebrating current household names as well as bringing yesterday’s stars back to life.

The musical tribute is enhanced by a fun guessing game. The celebrities are hidden in plain sight, with the disguises creating a perfect illusion. The viewers and a panel of celebrities try to uncover the identity of the ‘Star In The Star’ using cryptic video clues and their observation skills. In every show, the least convincing celebrity must reveal their identity and peel off their new face in the epic ‘Face Off’ moment.

Five episodes produced by Banijay Italia.

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