Fly2Tokyo is the new series dedicate to the Paralympic world

Fly2Tokyo is the new series dedicate to the Paralympic world
On Friday August 6, Rai Play presents a new docu-series titled The Fantastic - fly2Tokyo hosted by Bebe Vio.  arrives exclusively on RaiPlay. Ten episodes of 15 minutes each, plus a 40 'special, which will tell the stories of some athletes, ready to embark on the bet of qualifying for the Tokyo Paralympics. 

The 11 young protagonists of the series are all champions in the disciplines of athletics, swimming, sitting volleyball, wheelchair fencing, triathlon and wheelchair basketball. The "fly2tokyo" project was born from an idea of ​​Bebe Vio, who decided to follow the sporting path of 10 athletes of the art4sport team (derived from the art4sport ONLUS Association, founded in 2009 by Bebe's parents) in view of the Paralympics that they will be played from 24 August to 5 September. 

The series tells true stories of eleven fantastic guys who are chasing their dream.  "It is not important who arrives at the goal but it is important to ensure that more and more people can become attached to the Paralympic world. Everyone will tell about his path, made up of preparation, commitment, races for qualification and emotions for the victories and disappointment for the defeats suffered". In addition to Bebe Vio, the other athletes involved in the project are Emanuele Lambertini (wheelchair fencing), Edoardo Giordan (wheelchair fencing), Francesca Fossato (sitting volley), Riccardo Bagaini (athletics), Marco Pentagoni (athletics), Lorenzo Marcantognini (athletics). And again: Davide Obino (wheelchair basketball), Vittoria Bianco (swimming), Veronica Plebani (triathlon), Ambra Sabatini (athletics).

 "The Fantastic - fly2tokyo" is a series of which I am super proud and satisfied, we have worked hard on it and I can't wait for you to see the episodes that will be put online! " says Bebe Vio, who continues: "They tell the crazy stories of the team of Paralympic athletes of fly2tokyo, a project of the art4sport ONLUS Association born from a bet made between us athletes:" We start in 11 in the qualification path for Tokyo 2020, we bet that Will at least 6 of us make it ?! "

The series is written by Claudio  Moretti and produced by Simona Ercolani (Stand by me) for Rai.