Canale 5 documentary series Journey into the Great Beauty is back with new episodes

Canale 5 documentary series Journey into the Great Beauty is back with new episodes
The doc-event Journey into the Great Beauty is back with new episodes.  Five appointments, broadcast from Thursday 10 June, in prime time, on Canale 5, with Cesare Bocci as an exceptional guide. The first title is dedicated to the "Royal Dynasties - The Windsors".

At the opening, between Rome and the Royal Villa of Monza, actor Cesare Bocci (Montalbano) tells about Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses: a world made up of secular ceremonies and rites, sumptuous residences and gardens, priceless dresses and jewels. A world of passions, contrasts, jealousies, griefs and tragedies. A modern fable, of ancient institutions, which represents the feelings of peoples and nations, questioned by the protagonists themselves, starting with Harry and Meghan. Times have changed, but the charm still remains intact. And so… focus on Elizabeth II and Prince Philip; Prince Charles and Lady Diana; Prince William and Kate Middleton. Without forgetting Umberto I, Margherita di Savoia and the Bella Bolognina; Grace Kelly and Ranieri of Monaco; the Shah of Persia and Sorāyā Esfandiyāri Bakhtiyāri; Felipe di Borbone and Letizia Ortiz. Among the witnesses of these passions, Alfonso Signorini, Enrica Roddolo, Flaminia Bolzan, Eva Ravnbol and Cesara Buonamici.

The series is produced by Real Life Television for Mediaset.
In the previous episodes Cesare Bocci travelled to Rome, Venice and the Vatican City. 
The series is distributed by Mediaset Distribution.