The Last Race premieres on Canale 5 launching a message of courage and friendship

The Last Race premieres on Canale 5 launching a message of courage and friendship
Canale 5 broadcasts on Thursday, June 3, 2021 at 21.40 the docu-film  L'Ultima Gara (The Last Race) starring Raul Bova (Buongiorno Mamma) who also wrote the story and produced it with his RB Produzioni.
The actor and former professional swimmer tells the story of five great former swimmers: Manuel Bortuzzo (the young promise who was paralyzed by a gunshot), the Olympic and world champion Massimiliano Rosolino, Emiliano Brembilla (15 times European champion) and Filippo Magnini (considered the best Italian freestyle stylist ever).

Directed by Marco Renda and Raoul Bova himself, also involved in the subject, in the screenplay, as an interpreter and as a producer, with his RB Produzioni.

At the center of the story, the courage of those who never give up, expressed through the friendship of the four former swimming champions - Bova, Emiliano, Filippo, Rosolino -, who decide to return to compete, in search of a rebirth that only sport, with its values, can donate. Swimming as a metaphor for life, sport experienced as passion, discipline, team play, respect for others and self-confidence. But the road to reach the goal is uphill. The shadow of a crime could destroy the dreams of one of them, the youngest, Manuel Bortuzzo. Solidarity and friendship will ensure that sport can prevail over drama and that the dreams of the five athletes can come true.