Tencent Video launched two new format to the International market

Tencent Video launched two new format to the International market

At Miptv Digital, Chinese Tencent Video, an online streaming platform, launched two new formats for the International markets:
a stand-up competition talent show titled Rock and Roast and Action, an acting competition show produced by Xu Yang. The shows were presented by the producer Bai Hongyu  during the Miptv Digital edition, during his showcase he said: "We are offering new perspectives in the entertainment studio floor with original contents".

Action is an inspirational acting-competition show where four iconic film legends reach out to 40 no-name actors who are costars, flame-outs, newbie actors, or acting amateurs. They will stand on the film-set-like stage and go through five rounds of breathtaking acting battles to take the crown of the one-and-only“Actor of the Year”.

The film legends together with the no-name actors will remake INTERNATIONAL BIG HITS LOCAL HOTTIES OF THE YEAR and LOCAL HOTTIES OF THE YEAR to amaze the audience with the vibrancy and dynamics of their works.

Rock and Roast is an original stand-up comedy competition show. In the spirit of “change the world with humor”, the show is hoping to bring laughter and cure to the world. 50 talented stand-up professionals and amateurs join the show as contestants, and going through several rounds of competition. In each round, all of the contestants are requested to roast on a give topic arrested social attention and concern, such as the unspeakable rules of workplace, fan culture, and middle-age crisis. Hosted by a stand-up star, the show also invites well-known celebrities including comedians, actors, musicians as guests, and instead of being mentors or judges, together with a live audience, they will vote for the best stand-up entertainer out of the contestants.

Launched in April 2011, Tencent Video has reached 150 million daily active users, making it one of the top online video platforms in China. Tencent Video’s strategy focuses on developing and supporting original content such as popular films and televisions dramas, variety and entertainment shows, sports contests, news shows, etc.

Adhering to the brand's concept, "Enjoy great moments", Tencent Video keeps on providing varied video contents for a wide range of users with a young angle and more emotional resonance. Top idol group casting show such as "The Coming One", "Chuang 2019" and other compelling variety shows launched by Tencent Video have been steadily leading the Chinese variety show market, forming a diverse, innovative and fascinating variety matrix. In addition, hit TV series produced by Tencent Video like "The King's Avatar", "Qing Yu Nian", and "The Untamed" that topped the annual buzz list, have proved to the market of Tencent Video's power and abilities of high-quality TV series production. In the future, Tencent Video will continually deepen and strengthen affective communication with consumers and delivering more value to viewers and advertisers.
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