Sky Arte presents a new series Sacred Stories of Saints and relics

Sky Arte presents a new series Sacred Stories of Saints and relics
Sky Arte presents a new original series titled Sacra Bellezza - Storie di Santi e Reliquie (6 episodes) to be aired on Thursday, April 22 at 21.15.

Protagonists of Sacred Beauty Stories are the saints and their relics.
The series unveils extraordinary, curious, mysterious characters and stories where different points of view meet, and sometimes collide.

The series is hosted by singer-songwriter Maria Antonietta, aka Letizia Cesarini, passionate not only for music, but also for art and history.

The belief that the simple proximity to a fragment of the body of a saint or an object linked to the Messiah guaranteed a direct relationship with the divine and assured the faithful a sort of blessing was universally widespread in the Christian world and so relics have always been the object of faith and bargaining, propaganda and power; have been sold, collected, lost, stolen, duplicated or destroyed.

The history of relics is a very important part of the history of art: that extraordinary strength that religion has in creating glorious stories and images in support of the cult.

Stories that reveal the richness of a universe of beliefs that comes to life through the objects and works of art that represent it, behind which hides the curiosity for a past apparently distant from the present, but which, even today, has a incredible importance and influence.

In each episode, the story is enriched by the contribution of various contributions: interventions by ecclesiastical, artistic, scientific experts and personalities, specialized on individual stories.

Five experts from different backgrounds recur in each episode: Maddalena Alvi, specialized in Economics of Art at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge; Massimiliano Ghilardi Associate Director of the National Institute of Roman Studies and Lecturer at the Pontifical Gregorian University, expert in the history and topography of Rome, antiquities, catacombs and Christian martyrs; Mauro Orletti, author of the essay Guide to the miraculous relics of Italy, Cesare Poppi, expert in Socio-Cultural Anthropology, PHD in Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, and finally the writer Marcello Simoni.
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