BBC Studios wins first international format license agreement for new entertainment format The1% Club

BBC Studios wins first international format license agreement for new entertainment format The1% Club
BBC Studios announced today that it has secured its first international format license for innovative new gameshow The 1% Club. French public broadcaster France Television has committed to licensing the format which will be produced by BBC Studios France for France 2.

The 1% Club is a unique, entertaining and funny gameshow that tests the nation’s intelligence, based on a scientific survey. This primetime entertainment format is not about what you learned at school or your ability to memorise facts – it’s about real intelligence. It’s a chance to test how your brain works through a series of questions that often lead to extremely entertaining answers. Everyone is on a level playing field, which means anyone can play along, making it perfect co-viewing for the whole family. Plus, if you’re smart enough, you could earn yourself a place in the 1% Club: an elite group of people who can honestly say they’re smarter than 99% of the population. The 1% Club will debut in the UK in 2021, hosted by Lee Mack and produced by Magnum Media for ITV.

Jacob DeBoer, Executive Vice President for International Production and Formats at BBC Studios said: “A great gameshow is one that viewers can play along with at home, and the beauty of this format is that an eight-year-old has as much chance as an 80 year old so it is fun for the whole family. France Television have seen the potential of the format at an early stage and I’m confident this will pave the way for further agreements internationally in the coming months. The 1% Club is a great addition to our offer for international clients alongside successful quiz brands such as Weakest Link, A Question of Sport and Mastermind.”

The 1% Club is amongst a number of new unscripted formats available to international buyers at BBC Studios Showcase from 22-24 February 2021. New titles include:

Lose Weight Like Me: This inspirational and entertaining weight loss format packed with reveals challenges two dieters to lose weight like one of four ‘weight loss heroes’ – members of the public who have lost up to 200lbs. Each of the heroes are hidden behind a giant picture of their larger former selves; to meet them, the dieters must agree to follow their weight loss plan. Prepare to be shocked when the heroes are revealed. But can they inspire the dieters to lose big? After two months we discover the results of their emotional and uplifting weight-loss journey. A Flying Saucer production for Channel 4.

Filth(w/t): Fanatical clean freaks go head to head as they attempt to sort out the nation’s dirtiest houses. Each episode sends two pairs of cleaning obsessed strangers to two real-life filthy homes. The duos use their favourite cleaning hacks, from bleach to bicarbonate of soda, and blitz these dirty dwellings. The couple that cleans the best then splits up to compete against each other in one final revolting round. The last clean freak standing takes the crown to go home with a cash prize. A Youngest Media Production.

Small Fortune This funny, high jeopardy primetime gameshow sees teams of three compete in tiny challenges to win big money. Each team must prove their skills in games set in perfectly miniaturised worlds. From flicking a microscopic newspaper into a miniscule bin in the White House Oval Office, to throwing a hoop over the Statue of Liberty, challenges require focus, determination and an extremely steady hand. But with games this small, there’s no room for error; teams must hold their nerve to take away their Small Fortune. Youngest Media for ITV.

Fact or Fake: Celebrities filter out facts from fake news in this hilarious comedy entertainment show. Three guest comedians are shown viral videos and social media posts, sensational newspaper headlines and urban legends by the show’s poker-faced host. After some entertaining debate and discussion, they must determine: are these videos Fact or Fake? The truth is revealed through humorous and mind-blowing live experiments, led by experts and scientists in the studio. This smart, fast-paced and highly visual comedic entertainment show encourages viewers to play along at home – helping them better discern facts from fake news in an outrageously entertaining way. A Sandrats Media Production
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