Second best debut ever for emotainment show C'è Posta per Te

Second best debut ever for emotainment show C'è Posta per Te

Maria De Filippi, the Italian guru of television, celebrates 20th anniversary with its emotainment show C’è Posta Per Te (You've Got a Mail)

Yesterday night, Saturday January 11, Canale 5 premiered the 23rd edition of the show that won prime time slot with 5.930.000 viewers and 30.6% of share, with peaks of 44% at the end of the episode. This is the second best debut ever, the first episode of the show was aired January 12th 2000. Guests of the episode: Johnny Depp, Luca Argentero with Cristina Marino. In the same slot competitor Rai1 broadcasted the 2nd episode of documentary Meraviglie - La Penisola dei Tesori that scored 3.8m/17.56%, hosted by Alberto Angela. 

The rights of the format have also been acquired by other countries to create local adaptations: Spagna, Bulgaria, Romania, Repubblica Ceca, Francia, Germania, Stati Uniti, Portogallo, Turchia, Argentina, Perù, Venezuela, Belgio, Canada, Tunisia and Egitto.

C’è Posta per Te is produced by Fascino PGT for Mediaset, created by Maria De Filippi and Alberto Silvestri and written with Laura Chiorrini, Emanuela Sempio, Rosella Bettinardi, Camilla Capogrossi, Anna Maria Celani, Daniela Cutolo, Giusy De Filippo, Rita Leccio, Salvatore Lo Presti with the collaboration of Barbara Cappi. Directed by Paolo Pietrangeli.

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