Giuseppe De Bellis (SkyTG24's director) presents new schedule for season 2024/2025

Giuseppe De Bellis (SkyTG24's director) presents new schedule for season 2024/2025
In the upcoming 2024/2025 season, SkyTG24 aims to bolster and diversify its offerings under the leadership of the director Giuseppe De Bellis. The Italian report also delves into the aspect of trust, adding an age-based analysis of respondents. According to this analysis, Sky TG24's credibility rating increases from 69% to 75% among the under-35 age group (ages 15 to 34), placing it in the top position. Furthermore, Sky TG24 has the youngest audience among all news channels, with an average viewer age of 56. Over the past year, video views on its social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok) have increased by 52%, while its follower base across all platforms has surpassed 7 million. With these numbers, Sky TG24 today stands out for its strong and distinctive digital and social media presence, consistently focusing on innovation in new media, such as podcasts.

Starting in October, the channel will expand its original productions, thanks in part to a new partnership with Pablo Trincia. This collaboration follows the success of the Elisa Claps case with "Dove nessuno guarda" and continues with "E poi il silenzio – Il disastro di Rigopiano". This series, produced by Sky Italia and Sky TG24 in collaboration with Chora Media, includes an 8-episode podcast available from late September, followed by a five-part docuseries in mid-November, also airing on Sky Documentaries.

Other new programs include:
"Materia Grigia": Hosted by Fabio Vitale, this show features debates on major current issues with authoritative guests.
"Feedback": An audience-driven format curated by Alessandro Marenzi, where topics are chosen through audience surveys.
"Sky TG25": A weekend show led by Alessio Viola, focusing on underreported news stories with guest interviews and reports.
Sky TG24 will also provide extensive coverage of the US 2024 presidential elections, featuring correspondents Federico Leoni and Marco Congiu. Inspired by the recent debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, De Bellis has called for a new format for political debates on TV, where broadcasters would rotate hosting debates according to Agcom rules, with all partners contributing to the format's creation.

Changes in the daily programming include:
Roberto Tallei: Hosting "TG Buongiorno".
Tonia Cartolano and Stefania Pinna: Alternating for the 1 PM news.
Monica Peruzzi: Leading the afternoon "Timeline".
Luigi Casillo: Hosting the 8 PM news.

These enhancements aim to solidify Sky TG24's reputation as a leading news source committed to rigorous journalism and innovative media approaches.