MGE and Latina TV Signed a Deal for the Distibution of Unscripted Formats

MGE and Latina TV Signed a Deal for the Distibution of Unscripted Formats
MGE, an independent distributor based in Miami, and Latina TV from Peru announced the inclusion of the title Word of Honor (Palabra de Honor), to their existing international distribution agreement for entertainment formats, which already included the cooking reality show The Great Chef (El Gran Chef), and the competition reality shows Brave Land (Tierra Brava) and Win or Serve (Ganar o Servir). The creation and direction of content for these projects is headed by the duo formed by Patricio Hernández, current CEO of Latina TV, and Ignacio Corvalán, executive producer with vast experience in the creation, development and production of this type of entertainment formats.

“The popularity of reality television continues to grow globally, reflecting its relevance and great success in today's culture. And without a doubt Latina TV is one of the leaders in the region in the development of this type of formats, creating innovative competition reality shows that have become great audience successes, not only in Peru, but also in Chile where Three of them have already been adapted for Channel 13. Therefore, we feel very excited to continue expanding this agreement with Latina TV, and to distribute four of its most successful entertainment formats internationally,” commented Esperanza Garay, CEO of MGE.

"Our years of experience developing this type of reality shows have led us to understand that the success and magic of these programs is not only in the idea and structure, but in their production, which is why we not only offer the format but our expertise to guarantee that its adaptation is successful in any country where it is carried out. In this sense, we are very satisfied to have the support and management of MGE, as it not only shares this vision with us, but also comes to contribute its successful track record in negotiation and international distribution," commented Patricio Hernández, CEO of Latina TV.

In addition to the great television phenomenon that Latina TV's reality shows have become in Peru, three of the four formats distributed by MGE, Win or Serve, Brave Land and the soon-to-be-released Word of Honor, have been adapted with enormous success in Chile for Channel 13, marking the signal's return to the production of successful reality shows of coexistence and competition that in the past led it to lead the ratings. Last April, Win or Serve was positioned as one of the most watched programs, placing the Chilean channel at the top of the ratings. It should be noted that Brave Land and Win or Serve are two creations developed by the Production Consortium formed by Latina TV and the production company CookingMedia.

Much of the success of these formats is based on the great expertise of their creators and directors, since the duo of Patricio Hernández and Ignacio Covalán has a solid and successful track record shows. Together, in addition to Brave Land (Tierra Brava) and Win or Serve (Ganar o Servir), they have also created great hits for Channel 13 such as: 40 or 20, Pareja Perfecta, and the upcoming premiere Word of Honor (Palabra de Honor). Previously at Mega they jointly developed the successful co-existence reality shows Volverías con tu Ex, Doble Tentación, Amor a Prueba, and Resistiré (in co-production with MTV).

Patricio Hernández, as Manager of Creative Processes, has led the execution of more than 30 reality shows, including the great hits of Channel 13 of Chile: La Granja, Granjeras, Granja VIP, Mundos Opuestos I and II, La Casa y Año O. He has been Programming and Creative Processes Manager of Channel 13 for two periods. He was founding CEO and Programming and Content Manager for eight years of Megamedia, the largest communications holding company in Chile. Today he is the CEO of Latina TV in Peru and was the founding Director of CNN Chile, the first news channel in that country. He was also the first Latin American programmer to broadcast a Turkish soap opera on the continent.

For his part, Ignacio Covalán is a journalist by profession and has a vast career as Executive Producer of entertainment programs, such as Sábado Gigante, the emblematic program animated by Don Francisco. As Executive Producer, he also led the creative process, development and production of programs such as Gigantes con Vivi, Acoso Textual, Alfombra Roja, Mucho Gusto, Quien quiere ser Millonario, Dale Play, and El Duelo. In 2010 he began his successful career as an Executive Producer of 24/7 reality shows.