Three Netflix's Originals

Three Netflix's Originals
Over the past few days, Netflix has revealed details of its new unscripted slate, three of which are completely original. The most interesting seems to be Million Dollar Secret (w/t), from Wheelhouse UK and Spoke Studios, and hosted by British actor Peter Serafinowicz: a competition series in which one contestant is given a million-dollar prize and the other 11 contestants battle to hunt them down and claim it for themselves.

The mechanics and rules have yet to be revealed, but here's how the competition works, in Netflix's own words: “The million-dollar prize is won by one of 12 players right at the start of the first episode. Now, the others will hunt them down – eliminate the millionaire and the money moves to someone new. When should they strike? Too soon and they become the target; too late and they may never get the money. Meanwhile, the millionaire can try to get rid of the cash if the heat becomes too much. This is a game of strategy and alliances, where predators can become prey in the blink of an eye.”
We don't know much yet, but the formula of "strategy, a $1 million prize, alliances and betrayal" seems quite intriguing. Just a note: please change the working title, it really is a bit too banal...

The second original project is Building the Band (always a working title), produced by Remarkable Entertainment and Banijay UK, that seeks to discover the next great music group without bandmates initially meeting face-to-face. The series brings together 50 of the most talented singers to compete for a chance to form their own band without ever seeing each other, until they perform live.
All they have to go on is musical compatibility, connection and, hopefully, chemistry. What will happen when the bands finally meet?

The third, Battle Camp - w/t, from British prodco Thames, seems the most classic and (at least on paper) the least original. The former protagonists of Netflix's reality shows return to face a physical and mental competition, with a giant spinning wheel randomly deciding who stays and who goes. The winner takes home a prize of $250,000.

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