London TV Screening 2024: Factual and Documentaries

London TV Screening 2024: Factual and Documentaries

Parenthood – Silverback Films’ natural history series about the extreme lengths parents go to to ensure the survival of their offspring.


Front Row – Exec produced by Sarah Jessica Parker, this premium doc follows a group of Ukrainian ballet dancers in exile as they take a message of peace and identity through dance.


Asia – Ambitious landmark series from BBC Studios Natural History Unit, which tells the story of the biggest continent on Earth through epic landscapes and spectacular wildlife.


Elizabeth Taylor: Rebel Superstar [working title] – Kim Kardashian-produced premium doc billed as the “definitive series” about the life of one of Hollywood’s ultimate leading ladies.


A Cruel Love: The Ruth Ellis Story – Compelling ITV true crime show starring Lucy Boynton, shedding new light on Ruth Ellis, the last woman hanged in Britain.

Tik Tok Murders – Explores three chilling murder cases that went viral on the world’s fastest growing social media app, hosted by Zara McDermott.


The Infinite Deep: Stories of Lost Submarines – Gripping documentary series delves into the world’s most notorious cases of lost submarines, offering expert analysis on the true causes behind some of the most mysterious and tragic catastrophes.

Secret Stories of the Museums – Uncovers intriguing stories of museum objects, their conservation, and unexpected origins, as professionals reveal rare collections and tales from artists, journeys, characters and social contexts.

The Push – During a weekend getaway to Edinburgh’s iconic ‘Arthur’s Seat,’ the joyous celebration of a young couple turns tragic as Fawziyah Javed, a 31-year-old lawyer and expectant mother, fatally plunges from the rocky summit, unveiling darker details that hint at a potential murder in the picturesque setting.


Michael Mosley: Secrets of Your Big Shop – Channel 4 series in which the presenter takes a leap to uncover the truth behind the nation’s health problems.

The Idaho Murders: Trial by TikTok – Following host Zara McDermott as she heads to the U.S. to uncover the story of four University of Idaho students found dead in their beds in November 2022, and the social media frenzy that followed.


Help! We Bought A Hotel – Aspirational observational documentary series that tells the stories of brave people who have given up their jobs, homes and lives to invest in their long-term dream.
Churchill’s Forgotten War – When Churchill came to power at the beginning of World War II, the fear of a ‘fifth column’ of Nazi spies and sympathizers on home soil was at fever pitch. For the first time, the doc tells us the stories of these mainly innocent men.