New Logo for MGE led by Esperanza Garay and new Position in the Market as Co-Producer

New Logo for MGE led by Esperanza Garay and new Position in the Market as Co-Producer
Five years after its foundation, MGE presented at Content Americas a renewed image that marks the beginning of a new stage for the company. This not only solidifies its position as one of the most robust independent content distributors in the industry but also establishes it as a developer of original audiovisual projects with recognized Latin American production houses and screenwriters, through its division MGE Originals. Additionally, it positions MGE as a strategic ally for co-production negotiations in the international market .

"MGE has been evolving naturally since its inception as a result of our firm commitment to work jointly and closely with our clients, engaging in all stages of development, negotiation, and promotion to achieve the maximum internationalization of their stories. This vision has led us to become much more than a distribution company. Therefore, we have decided to officially integrate the development of original projects, our expertise in international negotiations, and co-production alliances as part of our offering, ushering in a new stage for MGE that we also wanted to see reflected in our image," commented Esperanza Garay, CEO of MGE.

This new positioning of MGE, as a distributor, incubator of original projects, and co-production ally, has already made an impact in the industry through recently announced agreements, including: the series "La Isla," which marks the beginning of its co-production and distribution partnership with the renowned producer Río Estudios, inspired by the real myth of Friendship Island and starring Chilean actress Daniela Ramírez; the international distribution of Megamedia's new project "Al Sur del corazón," which will be available throughout Latin America via Netflix; and its most recent co-production alliance with the Turkish giant Inter Medya for the telenovela "Amor y Orgullo."