New adaptations for evergreen format Cash Cab

New adaptations for evergreen format Cash Cab
All3Media International has unveiled a series of exciting developments for Lion TV’s enduringly popular format, Cash Cab. Demonstrating its enduring success in North America, a fresh rendition of the Cash Cab format, known as Cash Cab Music, recently debuted on AXS TV, Anthem’s dedicated music programming channel. Hosted by Cash Cab Canada's longstanding presenter, Adam Growe, unsuspecting passengers find themselves thrust into a music trivia game show on wheels. Contestants' musical knowledge is put to the test, with correct answers earning them money and incorrect ones resulting in strikes—three strikes, and they're out, a rule reminiscent of baseball. Cash Cab Music introduces a thrilling new twist—contestants, if they reach their destination, have the chance to double their winnings and partake in 'Cash Cab Karaoke'.

Before the launch of Cash Cab Music, AXS secured the Canadian version of the beloved commuter trivia show from All3Media International, with All3Media International also handling tape sales for Cash Cab Music.

Making a return to North American screens is the revamped Taxi Payant: L'Escouade, the French Canadian iteration of the format. Commissioned for 130 episodes by Bell Media, the series currently airs on Noovo as a daily production, produced by the original series producer, Zone 3. Previously a decade-long success for Bell Media, Taxi Payant: L'Escouade has maintained its popularity, having aired as a weekly series for nine seasons.

Jennifer Askin, SVP North America at All3Media International, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “Cash Cab is going from strength to strength in North America; it’s feel-good, hugely entertaining viewing that is brilliantly easy to play along with. The addition of Cash Cab Music represents an exciting evolution for this beloved global brand. It’s also fantastic to witness these new iterations of the format while ensuring it remains a hugely entertaining, fun, fast-paced ride.”

The Lion TV format continues to showcase its impressive global appeal, with recent commissions including a German reboot that returned to ProSieben Kabel Einz for a 30-episode series, a 40-episode Serbian reboot launching on Blic TV in Serbia, and a 32-episode Mongolian version on NTV.

Since its inception on ITV in the UK in 2005, Cash Cab has solidified its position as one of the top 10 most-traveled quiz shows globally, with over 9,000 episodes produced in more than 50 countries, including the US, France, Australia, and Thailand. Demonstrating its enduring popularity, 2023 witnessed the launch of brand-new adaptations of Cash Cab in Canada (French), Germany, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Vietnam.