Reality Experiment: Twice Throuples

Reality Experiment: Twice Throuples
The trend of formats about love, in all its forms and declinations, is one of the most popular ones of this season (and not only). The last one is Couple to Throuple, produced by Fremantle label Naked, that will premiere on the streamer Peacock February 8th.

The concept is clear from the title: it’s a series focused on polyamorous relationships. Four curious couples experiment with bringing a third partner into their relationship while at a remote tropical resort, where they will meet, mingle and date a group of singles, many of whom are experienced in polyamory.

The host Scott Evans and the sex and relationship expert Shamyra Howard will supervise the sexual experiment. At the end of the series, the couples will decide if their pairings have room for one more, if they will go home as they arrived, or if they will depart separately.

Interesting twist, but despite of the fact it is described in the promo as “a journey for love unlike you’ve ever seen before”, OutTv recently announced a brand-new format based on the same concept (but, to tell the truth, it is not yet on air: see Friday’s Espresso 1st December). Which one arrived first?

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