Musical for Celebs

Musical for Celebs
Stars on Stage premiered January 5th on RTL4 in The Netherlands. The format is a big shiny floor show, produced by MediaLane (founded by Iris van den Ende, daughter of Joop Van den Ende, cofounder of Endemol and founder of Stage Entertainment, Europe's largest live entertainment company) and distributed by All Right Media.
The format follows 8 celebrities - who all have a different professional occupation and are all performing outside their comfort zone - competing to become a real musical theatre star and perform the most famous musical hit songs of Broadway and West End, live on stage.
2 famous hosts will guide celebrities throughout the entire show, and each performance is judged by a panel of 4 expert critics. Each week one of the celebrities will be eliminated, until the best 3 remain for the ultimate final.
The concept is very simple, but the strength of the performances and the magic of musical - that joins famous songs, impactful choreographies and beautiful costumes - make it a perfect family entertainment.
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