Go Button Media got two new commissions with Autentic and Super Channel

Go Button Media got two new commissions with Autentic and Super Channel
Go Button Media announced two new commissions for 2024, extending its relationships with both Autentic, the rapidly expanding German content business with factual channels, and long-term broadcast partner, Canada’s Super Channel.

The first greenlight from Autentic and Super Channel is Colossal Weapons, a six-part series exploring the technological developments that have propelled wartime success. Using exclusive archival footage, 4K CGI and expert interviews, the series travels the world to explore its most striking weaponry, war machines and combat technology, observing the engineering found under the hood and how it measures up against competition in the field.

Each episode is dedicated to one class of colossal weapon, exploring machines of war that have defied the odds. These include an F-35 fighter jet, a multi-role fighter able to go faster and further than standard jets and enhanced with incredible stealth features including the latest developments in precision targeting, in-air communications, and situational awareness via augmented reality pilot helmets. Other featured war machines in the series include the M1 Abrams Tank which boasts near impenetrable armour and a jet engine that delivers unfathomable speeds for the typical battle tank.

Meanwhile, popular series Deadly Science has been re-commissioned for a second six-hour season. Deadly Science explores the work of the innovators and incredible minds that have pursued progress…at any price. Each episode brings together three stories of people in a similar field, who lost their life in the name of scientific advancement. From inventors and biologists to explorers and chemists, those featured include Rosalind Franklin, who discovered DNA’s double helix and used X-ray diffraction to capture it on camera, but then later succumbed to ovarian cancer from the radiation; Carl Wilhelm Scheele who discovered seven new chemical elements, unaware that some – like cyanide and arsenic – came with deadly side effects; and American industrialist William Bullock who died of gangrene after having his legs crushed by the machine that made the mass printing of newspapers possible for the very first time.

Daniel Oron, co-founder and executive producer at Go Button Media comments: “We are excited grow our relationship with Autentic and continue our successful partnership with Super Channel in Canada. Both these companies are truly invested in collaboration, which enables and encourages a strong international output of our growing slate of our original productions.”

Dr. Patrick Hörl, managing director at Autentic, says: “We love collaborating on high-quality programming with Go Button. I am more than happy to renew our well-established partnership with these two new series. Go Button delivers superbly researched, and relevant stories, which resonate extremely well with audiences around the world.”

Jackie Pardy, chief content officer at Super Channel adds: “Go Button Media consistently delivers informative and engaging factual programming, so we are delighted to be moving into 2024 with these new series already in the pipeline. It’s always a pleasure working with Daniel and the team, as well as our partners at Autentic, and we look forward to launching these titles to our viewers next year.”

Both series will deliver in 2024, with international distribution (exc Canada) handled by Autentic Distribution.