Food Network presents A Tavola con Lorenzon

Food Network presents A Tavola con Lorenzon
A Tavola con Lorenzon is the title of the cooking show to be broadcast on Food Network from November 14 at 22:00.

The chef will cook a special meal after receiving a telephone call. In each episode,  Antonio, a food influencer passionate about lifestyle, but above all with cooking in his heart, opens the doors of his home restaurant - an intimate, elegant, refined environment with a warm and welcoming atmosphere - with a mission: to create different menus for special occasions, like a romantic dinner for two, an evening for a reunion with school friends, or a family graduation party.
After receiving the video message from the sender of the menu, Antonio will get into the kitchen helped by the sender himself with whom he will create tasty and creative dishes to surprise relatives and friends, who are unaware of everything. Between one preparation and another, he will also take care of the mise en place to create the right atmosphere.

The series (6x60') is produced by Milano Produzioni for Warner Bros Discovery.
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