SASUKE Ninja Warrior-Based Obstacle Course Racing at the Los Angeles Olympics

SASUKE Ninja Warrior-Based Obstacle Course Racing at the Los Angeles Olympics
SASUKE Ninja Warrior Race will became a sport at the Los Angeles Olympics. The news was announced last October 16, 2023, by IOC (the International Olympic Committee) as the obstacle course event based on TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.) megahit sports entertainment program.

The SASUKE/Ninja Warrior-based obstacle course will become one of the five disciplines of the Modern Pentathlon, which until now were fencing, swimming, riding, laser pistol shooting and running. The Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) had been considering replacing the riding discipline by the time of the Los
Angeles Olympics in view of training environment and safety issues. Upon consultation with the IOC, it has now been decided that obstacle racing, based on SASUKE/Ninja Warrior, will feature as the new discipline.

Four test obstacle races were held last year, with TBS providing a Ninja Warrior set, and time trials held using various obstacles including those based on Warped Wall obstacles.
The Modern Pentathlon has the potential to become one of the most exciting, accessible, and popular Olympic events.
UIPM Secretary General Shiny Fang said: “As pioneers of the Ninja Warrior TV phenomenon and inventors of the original show, SASUKE, we believe that continuous inspiration from TBS can help UIPM to further develop our Ninja-style Obstacle product as a recognised sport. We want to reproduce that level of excitement and dynamism at a competitive Olympic level, seamlessly integrated with the other Modern Pentathlon disciplines, as we anticipate a mouth-watering debut in the Olympic 

TBS President and Representative Director Takashi Sasaki commented: “We’re honored and delighted at the epoch-making official announcement that a new Olympic event will be based on TBS SASUKE/Ninja Warrior.”

In accordance with this decision, obstacle racing will be introduced to the UIPM Pentathlon World Championships and all other elite competitions starting in 2025, following its successful integration at junior and youth levels in 2023
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