The marbles are rolling towards Spain

The marbles are rolling towards Spain
Mediaset has ordered a first season of the marble spectacle Marble Mania
The Spanish version of the show will be produced in the Netherlands in Talpa Studios’ hub location by Bulldog, together with Talpa Studios. The first season will be broadcast by Telecinco, by the end of 2023.
In the Netherlands, SBS6 has ordered a fourth season of Marble Mania, where the show is scheduled to air in 2024. The show’s first season proved to be the biggest hit on SBS6 in five years, while the second and third season scored way above channel average. The German viewers will also be treated to a fourth season. After three seasons on RTL Germany, the fourth season will be broadcasted by SAT1. Talpa’s fun family hit show has also aired in Belgium (VTM) and France (TF1).