BTF Awarenss lauches a fund for the project The Q Case

BTF Awarenss lauches a fund for the project  The Q Case
Dedicated to cherish life, inclusion of people with diverse abilities and understanding, The Q Case short film has opened funding opportunities under the Indiegogo platform (

This ambitious project by BTF Awareness, aims to honor and celebrate life by addressing sensitive and challenging issues in a close and compassionate manner. "The Q Case raises poignant questions about the sanctity of life, the boundaries of scientific innovation, the clash of conscientious objection, and the profound responsibilities of parenthood” said the president of BTF Awareness.

The Q Case immerses audience in the life of Dr. Diego Martinez, well renowned gynecologist who specializes in assisted fertility. Martinez dedication and passion has brought him great success, fame and money. He lives a quiet but happy life amongst his family, friends and work. His life is shaken the day Mónica Quivira arrives at his practice.

Mónica became quadriplegic after a tragic car accident. Through years of rehabilitation and overcoming a strong depression, she decides for life. Mónica finds the courage to rebuild herself by determinedly pursuing her dream of motherhood despite the formidable challenges posed by her physical condition.

As a father and doctor, Martínez understands the risks and responsibilities that come with bringing a child into this world under Mónica’s condition. This situation drags him into a spiral of doubts and hesitations that challenge him to the core, putting his beliefs and professional ethics to the test.

The film plunges Martinez's internal conflict, torn between professional duty and human compassion, to the point where he ends up questioning his role as a father. Monica's daily challenges and complex relationships with her loved ones highlight the struggles and sacrifices involved in her situation, but ultimately, shed light on the choice paralyzed individuals have to embrace life and happiness over euthanasia.

"The Q Case is an emotional journey that delves into the very essence of our dreams and fears, challenging conventional notions of what is right and ethical in the pursuit of one's deepest desires” added Ivonne Vela, managing director of the non-profit.
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