La Isla and the new alliance between Río Estudios and MGE

La Isla and the new alliance between Río Estudios and MGE
Chilean production company Río Estudios and Miami-based independent distributor Mega Global Entertainment (MGE) have entered an alliance for the co-production and international distribution of audiovisual content. The first project kicking off this partnership is "La Isla," a six-episode paranormal thriller that won the major 2022 CNTV financing award and is based on the notorious legend of Friendship Island in Chilean Patagonia.

La Isla, the project marking the beginning of the alliance between Río Estudios and MGE, features a talented production team led by Pablo Díaz del Río as executive producer. He has over 10 years of experience in audiovisual content production, having developed over a dozen successful television projects through Río Estudios, including "100 días para enamorarse" (2019-2021), "Demente" (2021), and "Amar Profundo" (2022). He also served as executive producer for the feature film "Matar a Pinochet" (2020) and the FOX series "Berko: El Arte de Callar" (2019), as well as the first Chilean series for Paramount+, "Dime con quién andas" (2023).