Formats in hotels

Formats in hotels
Hotels have always been a suggestive location where to set a program, so it’s not surprising that there are many that use them for (almost) every kind of format. For example we can mention, among others, Hôtel du temps, Hotel Römantiek, The Time Hotel and so on. Now, 2 new formats have been added to this list.

The first one is the Spanish reality ¡Vaya Vacaciones! (“What a holidays!”) produced by Cuarzo Producciones, part of Banijay Iberia, in co-development with Mediaset España, that will be launched in the Summer.

Presented by the host Luján Argüelles (pic), this brand-new reality will see eight celebrity couples staying in an all-inclusive luxury hotel, accompanied by a couple of their choosing. Together, they will enjoy the sun and sea of the Dominican Republic—however the serenity can’t last forever due to a twist that has not yet been revealed.

The second one is El Hotel de los Famosos (Hotel Vip), announced during the 2023-24 Upfront Presentation of TelevisaUnivision, the world’s leading Spanish-language media and content company, that took place in New York City last 16th May.

Hosted by Roberto Palazuelos and Karina Banda (pic), the format brings 16 celebrities to compete in a role-playing game at a hotel. Select celebrities will be “guests” and the others will be the “staff.” Their place and role will be determined by their performance in both physical and mental tests each week. At the end of the week, one participant will be eliminated and in the finale we will discover who is the winner of the grand prize.

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