Mediaset Distribution is returing to Cannes with a new stand

Mediaset Distribution is returing to Cannes with a new stand
Mediaset Distribution is returning to Mipcom (Cannes, October 17-20, 2022) in presence with a new stand with the aim to sell hit prime time show Back to School to the international Market. Claudia Marra who handles the international format rights is happy with the further development of this show, recently aired by SAT.1 in Germany with a very good audience share 9.6% in the commercial target group and 1.5mln viewers.
Back to school is a family show, explains Marra: In each episode four celebrities face a real elementary school exam. They are tested on one subject they have prepared during a summer camp, as well as a surprise subject. During the summer camp, real students become ruthless teachers for the celebrities’. At the moment we are in discussion with several other key markets, like US, Spain, France and Belgium. I really look forward to Mipcom where I am sure other option will be closed’, added Marra.

Furthermore, Mediaset Distribution lineup includes: 

Back to School (game show, kids, celebrity)
Each episode finds a group of children helping celebrities pass the much-feared first real test we all must experience in our lives: the fifth-grade exam at an elementary school.

Justice for All
(legal drama)
Raul Bova stars as Roberto, a man unjustly accused of murdering his wife. He was sentenced to prison, but managed to study the penal code in order to prove his innocence and gain his daughter’s trust.

My Dear Brother
(family drama)
Two half-brothers, Alberto and Nino, have the same father but could not be more different. They have never met but they are both running for mayor in the same city!

The Good Family
(family drama series)
The series describes the years 1985-1992 through the eyes of Maria, the youngest of a fisherman’s family from Bari.

Rome – Great Beauty Collection (documentary)
This collection of documentaries about travels across Italy offers a privileged view of the most famous historical and artistic treasures of the country. See the secrets, monuments, and the most famous works of art.

The Silence of Water
(thriller drama)
An investigation into the disappearance of a young girl exposes the dark side of a seaside village. The local police inspector is forced to work with an out-of-town homicide detective, and they will unearth hidden truths and secret affairs.

On the Brink (medical drama)
Tosca Navarro is a psychiatrist and the head of a unit that is at the cutting edge of treating adolescents with mental disorders.

MIPCOM Stand Number: R7.L23