Keshet signed two high volume deals in HBO Europe

Keshet signed two high volume deals in HBO Europe
Global content and media producer and distributor Keshet International (KI) has signed two separate deals for a raft of tweens’ and teens’ finished content following its recent distribution partnership with Ananey Communications Group.

KI has licensed HBO the SVOD rights to all three seasons of the Israeli ratings record-breaking daily-drama THE GREENHOUSE (175x22’) alongside three seasons of the live action series SPELL KEEPERS (150x22’) for its subscription services in 13 countries across Central Europe. Meanwhile KI has also sold Portugal’s SIC three series of the sitcom BED & BISCUIT (totalling 51x22’) and the first series of SPELL KEEPERS (50x22’) in a separate deal that will see the Impresa-owned channel dub, rather than subtitle, both series for its local audiences. All three of these Hebrew language series originally premiered on Nickelodeon Israel and Teen Nick exclusively on Yes TV and are produced by Nutz Productions, a subsidiary of the multi-channel group Ananey Communications.

These two high-volume deals follow KI’s recent strategic move into the kids’ market, first launching a dedicated kids’ division headed by new hire Nicola Andrews, and then establishing an on-going content partnership with Ananey Communications Group - Israel’s leading kids’ content provider - to bring teens’, tweens’ and kids’ programming to a wider global audience.

Nicole Correia, SIC’s Acquisitions Manager says, “We are very happy to partner with Keshet International and we believe both SPELLKEEPERS and BED & BISCUIT are a perfect fit for our audience.”

Nicola Andrews, KI’s Senior Sales and Commercial Director, Kids says, “Our slate of live action series from Ananey’s Nutz Productions is exceptional. Not only do these series look great, and feature gripping storylines, they’re also internationally appealing - as these two high-profile deals show.”

Orly Atlas-Katz, CEO of Ananey Communications, says, “We are very excited and honoured. Our content offers a unique and entertaining viewing experience, perfected for millennials and we are thrilled that HBO and SIC have recognized this. We trust that the vast spread and prestige these two networks bring with them will help KI deliver our content to new audiences around the world and we are certain they will fall in love with them as well.”

Created by Michal Cooper-Keren and based on original idea by Sivan Shiknagy and Einat Shahak, SPELL KEEPERS (S1, S2 and S3, totalling 150x22’) is an exciting, mysterious and fantastical daily-drama series focussing on two strong and determined female heroines – Kirki and Laila. The Spell Keepers are a secret group of good witches called Kadabras, whose role is to protect humanity from supernatural creatures who threaten to harm them. Together, they are the strongest force in the supernatural world. They control the four elements of nature: wind, earth, fire and water – and they can perform magical feats, such as create storms or floods.

Created by Giora Chamizer, THE GREENHOUSE (S1, S2 and S3, totalling 175x22’) centres on a brother and sister who, after losing their mother in a spaceship crash, arrive at an elite boarding school for gifted future leaders: The Greenhouse. They join two competing houses within the school. Soon, mysterious developments draw the rival houses into a secret investigation where they expose a destructive plot. Only by joining forces can they save the country from a disaster. Having broken ratings records on its debut in Israel, this live action series has also been adapted into an English international version entitled GREENHOUSE ACADEMY by Ananey’s Nutz Productions for the streaming giant Netflix.

Created by Hagit Bilia and Lior Kfir, BED & BISCUIT (S1, S2 and S3, totalling 51x22’) is a sitcom for younger kids, which takes place in a family-run boarding kennel for dogs in a small village in Israel. Moti is a mediocre lawyer who has had enough of the big city and wants to live a simpler life and spend more time with his only daughter Ori. Together, the energetic father and smart and funny daughter make the move into the country to run their family business – a dog kennel.

Other live action series that are part of KI’s slate of finished kids’ content produced by Ananey’s Nutz Productions include CRAFT PARTY (22 x 10’), a colourful and inspiring series presented by two nine year old girls that celebrates the art of crafting and DIY for younger children; and THE HOOD (S1, S2 and S3, totalling 150x22’), a daily drama that skilfully combines edgy class struggles with suspenseful action and big doses of fun, as widower Ben’s kids prank the community’s snobbish teens with hilarious results, all while searching for a mystical treasure that could change their lives forever.