Gigantosaurus set for MIPJunior World Premiere Screening

Gigantosaurus set for MIPJunior World Premiere Screening
Gigantosaurus, a new preschool show from Cyber Group Studios for Disney Junior, will be the World Premiere TV Screening at MIPJunior on Saturday, October 13, at the JW Marriott Hotel in Cannes.

Based on the best-selling book penned by Jonny Duddle, Gigantosaurus follows the adventures of four young dinosaurs as they explore their prehistoric world. The 52×11-minute animated series will debut on Disney Junior worldwide—excluding India, China and Taiwan—early next year. It will also air on such broadcasters as France Télévisions and Germany’s Super RTL, in addition to streaming on Netflix in most territories.

Pierre Sissmann, the chairman and CEO of Cyber Group Studios, commented: “It is a privilege for us to have Gigantosaurus selected this year as the MIPjunior World Premiere TV Screening. It is a tribute to Jonny Duddle’s creations and to our artists at Cyber Group Studios who have done marvelous work in recreating a full Jurassic environment with our four little dinosaur heroes, Tiny, Rocky, Mazu and Bill, living great preschool adventures together with Gigantosaurus—the biggest dinosaur of all.”

Lucy Smith, MIPJunior’s director, added: “We’re delighted to present Gigantosaurus as the MIPJunior World Premiere TV Screening. This new production from Cyber Group Studios for Disney Junior illustrates the high-quality production coming out of the creative French animation industry, and will be an exciting exclusive premiere for the MIPJunior audience ahead of its broadcast early next year.”