Blooming Lady: Turkish Drama Flourishes in Latin America as MADD Brings Record-Setting Series to Telemundo

Blooming Lady: Turkish Drama Flourishes in Latin America as MADD Brings Record-Setting Series to Telemundo
MADD Entertainment unveiled at LA Screenings Independents that Türkiye’s top-rated drama would soon debut on Telemundo, the leading media platform catering to Hispanic audiences in the US and beyond.

Titled Blooming Lad" locally but known as Bahar in Türkiye, the series has garnered widespread acclaim, emerging as one of the country’s most beloved dramas over the last five years. With its captivating storyline led by female characters, it has captivated audiences of all demographics, claiming the #1 spot among both men and women viewers. Notably, its 11th episode achieved an impressive 35.44% share of primetime viewership within the competitive ABC+20 demographic.
The series follows Bahar, a devoted mother whose life takes a drastic turn when she confronts a life-threatening illness. Determined to reclaim her aspirations, she resumes her medical residency after a two-decade hiatus, despite the challenges of working alongside her husband, the Chief Surgeon, and her son, a fellow resident. As Bahar navigates her new professional journey, she also confronts unsettling truths about her husband's hidden life, ultimately rebuilding her life with newfound strength, love, and independence.

Özlem Özsümbül, MADD’s Head of Sales, expressed confidence in the partnership with Telemundo, stating, “Telemundo has been a steadfast ally for MADD, and we are thrilled to bring Türkiye’s latest sensation to their platform. With their expansive reach across the Western Hemisphere, we anticipate 'Blooming Lady' will resonate strongly with international audiences, much like its reception in Türkiye.”

This collaboration marks a continuation of MADD and Telemundo's successful partnership since 2018 when they introduced My Little Girl to the US Hispanic market, achieving significant viewership under the title Todo Por Mi Hija. The growing demand for Turkish dramas has since seen the introduction of several acclaimed titles on Telemundo, including A Woman Scorned, Abandoned, All About Marriage, and many more.

Blooming Lady is an adaptation of South Korea’s Dr. Cha, featuring Demet Evgar in the lead role, supported by a talented ensemble cast including Buğra Gülsoy, Mehmet Yılmaz Ak, Hatice Aslan, and Ecem Özkaya.

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