Exploring Cutting-Edge Technologies: A Key Focus at NEM Dubrovnik 2024

Exploring Cutting-Edge Technologies: A Key Focus at NEM Dubrovnik 2024
One month before the 11th edition of NEM Dubrovnik, slated from June 10th to 13th, organizers unveil further insights into the four-day agenda. In addition to four confirmed keynote speakers and the notable participation of various major US and European studios, technology will once again take center stage in the TV market arena. For years, NEM Dubrovnik has carved out a dedicated space in its program to showcase new technological advancements that significantly impact the industry, reshaping how content is produced, distributed, and consumed.

Throughout engaging panel discussions, attendees will delve into the realm of FAST channels and their symbiotic relationship with the TV business, with sponsorship from Wurl. A panel discussion, sponsored by NPAW and Backscreen, will delve into the realm of intelligence-driven video distribution. The perennially popular topic of artificial intelligence will be approached from a fresh perspective by representatives from Omdia, PlumResearch, and Maria Valenzuela, a Senior Media Executive. Aymeric Genty, SVP Sales Europe - Video Business Unit, will unveil the latest insights from Eutelsat.

The TV Product Showcase will once again provide a platform for pioneering companies to unveil their cutting-edge solutions, products, and services, enriching the industry's technological landscape.

Leading experts slated to dissect technological advancements and their industry implications include:

Maria Rua Aguete, Executive Director, Technology Fellow, Omdia
Keith Bedford, General Manager, EMEA, Wurl
Julia Maxwell, Executive Director, European Video on Demand Coalition
Victoria Davies, Managing Partner, Davies, Stoychev & Partners
Anastasia Melnikova, Solution Architect Streaming, Gcore
Ladislav Navrátil, Co-Founder, Tivio Studio
Boris Yurin, Sales Director, Eastern Europe, Ateme
Stefan Niesen, Vice President Sales EMEA, Amagi Corporation
Daniel Friedlaender, Senior Vice President & Head of Office, CCIA Europe
Jonathan Broughton, Head of Research, PlumResearch
Come June 2024, Dubrovnik will once again emerge as the prime hub in Europe, offering unparalleled opportunities for networking, forging business alliances, and exchanging knowledge within the television industry.

For more details, visit the official website of NEM Dubrovnik 2024.